Our Big Mission

To empower people to change the way they feel.


Our Vision

To be the best provider of easily accessible, evidence-based mental health and well-being support by:

  • Showing people new and better ways of dealing with mood and anxiety problems
  • Educating and enlightening people about their own psychology and the importance of practicing self-care
  • Linking people in with professional or clinical supports


Our Values



  • Evidence-based: we use hard evidence to make decisions and recommendations

  • Give back with research: we engage in the research process and publish findings to help mental health support more broadly

  • Respectful: we respect others and act in a way congruent with this



  • Do what works for the user

  • In line with users’ long term goals, as well as their short term ones

  • Solution-focussed – do what works and what empowers the user



  • Transparent

  • Responsive to feedback

  • Validating of users