Make your goals SMART and increase your chances of achieving them.

MoodMission tries to make all of its Missions SMART.


Make sure you are very clear about exactly what you want to achieve in the Mission. If the objective is too broad, vague, or unspecific, consider breaking it down into several smaller ones.


You need to know when you have actually completed the Mission. Make sure there is a definitive measurement or way of knowing when the objective is achieved. E.g. How much time do you need to spend doing the activity? How much distance do you need to cover? How will you feel when you have completed it?


Ensure your Mission is not too ambitious. Don’t set yourself up to fail! Consider setting smaller goals on your way to the big one. 

Realistic & Resourced

Can I complete the Mission with what I have right now? Can I do it in my current circumstances? Make sure you don't need anything special to achieve the Mission.

Time Limited

Set yourself a time limit to complete the Mission, and make sure the Mission can be completed within this time. Opting for shorter time periods can be helpful to keep you focussed on the Mission.