Two big new updates

Since launching MoodMission we've been trying to find a way of financially supporting our app. We will always keep the app and its main features free, but we also need to pay for ongoing development costs. So over the past few months we've been hard at work building two new additional features for MoodMission that you can unlock for a small one-off in-app purchase. These features are very strictly "add-ons" to MoodMission, which you may find useful if you're an avid MoodMission user, or if you have a specific problem that you'd like help with.

1. Mission Maker

This allows you to enter your own custom Missions. You can track the personalised activities that make you feel good. Psychologists and mental health professionals can also use this with the people they work with to recommend specifically tailored Missions.

2. Expeditions

These are personalised programs that you can use to overcome specific fears. We've released just one so far; Fear of Public Speaking. This Expedition coaches you through systematic steps, helping you confront a feared situation until you become used to it and move on to the next step. Expeditions are based on the evidence-based psychological technique called graded exposure, which helps you overcome a fear by breaking it down into small, incremental steps on an exposure hierarchy. More about Expeditions here.

As always, we really value your feedback, so if you have any suggestions for our app, please email David:

Happy MoodMissioning!