Android Crowdfunding Success

Last week our crowdfunding campaign came to a close having hit the target to make it a success. A massive thank you to all who supported and shared the campaign. It literally could not have happened without you.

Our developers Spark Digital are now starting to build the Android version. A period of testing will follow, and the pledgers who claimed the "Test Pilot" reward will get exclusive access to the app. We will make feedback-informed improvements and aim for a release in February 2017.

International release and Android Crowdfunding

Following a viral post on image sharing site Imgur, there was massive demand for two things; for MoodMission to be available outside of Australia, and an Android version. In fact, several thousand people called for an Android version, so we have launched a crowdfunding page to make it happen. If we reach our goal of $8000 by November 22nd, we'll be able to make MoodMission available to the millions of Android users who could use its support.

And for iPhone, MoodMission now available all over the world!

We got to work and managed to make the app international. You can now download it now in the US, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and pretty much everywhere else.

If you're an Imgurian, check out the new post.